Agents on Call



When a Seller puts their property on the market and hires a real estate agency, they agree to pay a certain commission, based on the final sale price– typically anywhere from 5-10%, depending on the property, the type of marketing most appropriately needed, and office policy. That compensation is not due until the property is SOLD and usually comes from the Seller's proceeds. Meanwhile, when that agency posts the listing information on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), they agree to share a specific % of that total compensation, upon closing, with any other member agency who brings the qualified buyer to the table. TLC Real Estate firmly believes that a fair & equitable 50/50 split with the Buyer Agency is the best approach to encourage Agents to bring their buyers to TLC listings. So, essentially– both agencies and therefore both agents' paychecks are paid out of the Seller's proceeds. There are occasional circumstances where the Buyer agrees in writing to be responsible for part or all of a specified commission– such as in the case of a low commission offered by a Listing Agency or a For Sale By Owner, but in the majority of transactions, including FSBOs, the Seller pays the commission. 

How does it break down from there?


Sample 6% on a Residential House w/ a 50/50 Split